The Secret Garage by Phil Robbins

The Secret Garage

Unlock a Purpose-filled and Powerful Life Through Prayer

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The Secret Garage

Unlock a Purpose-filled and Powerful Life Through Prayer

By Phil Robbins
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Do you have a longing in your heart to do more with your life? If so, The Secret Garage is for you. This book provides a powerful view into how you can overcome any obstacle with the power of prayer.

Through inspiring stories, Phil Robbins details how he has applied God’s word to specific situations in his own life. Whether in relationships, career, business, or ministry, The Secret Garage will unlock hidden potential through the power of Jesus, opening the door to your greatest destiny.

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Book Reviews

I truly believe the arriving of your book was God's intervention for me! His Timing! His Perfect Plan! For the past 2.5 years, I have followed your wife and now will be following you as well. God has given you a GIFT! Continue to use it! Again, thank you so much for reigniting Hope in my life! Love to you and your family!

Tracy O.

When believers share their journey (the real journey), God works in mighty ways. This book outlines how to stand stand on the word of God, what the transformation process looks like, and how God is faithful through it all. Phil, thank you for sharing your heart.

Jenny T

The prayers and principals in the Secret Garage have transformed our hearts, home, ministry, and businesses. When you apply God's Word to your life, you too will watch your relationships, and your professional and personal self transform for the better.

Sarah Robbins

Rarely does a first book by a new Christian author impact people like this book. The Secret Garage - a highly anointed book- I believe will touch millions of lives and hearts through the Holy Spirit. It is not just a book- but a plugged in source for powerful Godly wisdom, education, and ongoing inspiration. I have watched Phil be transformed by Christ from a hungry for God young man to a powerful Teacher, Minister, Entrepreneur and Global Marketplace leader. Now add to that list- best selling author. This is a MUST read.

Dr. Douglas Firebaugh

It's not by chance this book "The Secret Garage" has landed into your hands. Each one of us has a secret garage, a secret place of prayer that we can connect with God and see the impossible become possible. Through the access of prayer that Jesus Christ has made available to us, Phil has given us personal testimonies that will inspire us all to take advantage of our own secret garage.

Pastor Dominic Russo

Get your copy and learn how to implement success principals to give you a more fruitful life!